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Vendor Managed Inventory

Save Money and Ease Your Workload with PrintFUSION’s
Free VMI Services

Are you responsible for a wide variety, or large quantities, of forms, labels, brochures and other printed materials? If your company looks to you to manage the purchase and reorder of many items…we’ve been there and we know you have a full plate!

Quantity is no object. We’ve delivered print jobs with quantities in the millions! We also offer warehousing and fulfillment capabilities to help you manage your print materials inventory and distribution effectively.

Print management can be a complicated and time-consuming process, and many organizations focus only on per unit pricing – not on other variables that make up your true, total print costs. PrintFUSION’s Vendor Managed Inventory Program (VMI) may be just what you need to save money and help make your life easier. In fact, when we implement VMI for our clients, we consistently save at least 10% on their total printing costs.

We’ll assess your needs, manage the process, and recommend ways to improve the way your printed materials are produced, delivered and inventoried. We produce and deliver printed materials in the quantities you need. Then we visit your location on a regular basis and carefully monitor inventory levels and usage rates. We provide you with ongoing analysis and a recommendation when it’s time to reprint.

Our VMI program is offered to you at no extra charge. It’s a value-add service that we think will keep you a happy PrintFUSION customer for a long time!

Call or email to explore how VMI can help you. We’ll listen carefully, recommend the best approach to meet your needs, and deliver as promised! Call us today at 603-283-0007 or email us at

The Benefits of the Vendor Managed Inventory Program

PrintFUSION’s Vendor Managed Inventory Program is a no surprises approach to managing inventory & consistent, reliable, and effective. The Program will save you time, effort, and at least 10% of your total printing costs. Benefits include:

  • Reduction in Total Document Costs
    • Competitive pricing over previous pricing
    • Combining orders to obtain manufacturing economies of scale
    • Monitoring inventory levels to provide pricing comparisons of quantities and estimated usage to obtain the best purchase alternatives
  • Accurate and Timely Inventory Control
    • Reduce inventory levels
    • Eliminate stock outs and rush orders
    • Establish administrative control over ordering
  • Paperwork Simplification
    • Systems analysis and consultation
    • Standardization of sizes
    • Design improvements
  • Obtain Greater Efficiency
    • Assure documents carry out their function effectively
    • Improve upon application, information and processing
  • Reduce Administrative Expenses
  • Eliminate Unnecessary Documents
  • Continuity of Image
  • Increase Cash Flow